Modeling of a Waveguide Microwave Pulse Compression System Using Transmission Line Theory and Equivalent Circuits


S. P. Savaidis1, Z. C. Ioannidis1,2, N. A. Stathopoulos1, S. A. Mitilineos1

1Department of Electronics Engineering Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus Athens, Greece

2Physics Faculty, Department of Electronics, Computers, Telecommunications and Control,
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens, Greece



SAVELEC (SAfe control of non cooperative Vehicles through ELECtromagnetic means) is a project funded within the 7th Framework Program of the European Commission that aims at slowing down and possibly stopping a vehicle by interfering with some of its key Electronic Units (EUs), yet without any consequences on the passengers or any irreversible damage on the vehicle. Microwave pulse compression systems could be a key element towards this goal, since they provide high-levels of generated power and a relatively wide spectrum that could affect multiple of the vehicle’s EUs.


In this work two variations 1,2 of an active microwave pulse compression system based on a waveguide cavity formed by an inductive iris and an H-plane T-junction are studied. The individual components' equivalent circuits are used to develop a back of the envelope calculation scheme3, which estimates directly the key design choices regarding the length of the waveguide main cavity, the iris width and the shorted arm length. The analysis is extended to cover the impact of the aforementioned design choices on the charging time and the time evolution of the cavity standing wave. As a verification of the proposed method, a microwave pulse compressor working at 1.3 GHz is studied and then compared with the results of CST Studio Suite as well as with literature-available experimental results2.


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3. S. P. Savaidis; Z. C. Ioannidis, S. A. Mitilineos, N. A. Stathopoulos, "Design of Waveguide Microwave Pulse Compressors Using Equivalent Circuits," IEEE Trans. Microw. Theory Techn, in press (early access on-line), Dec 2014.


Acknowledgement: This work was supported by the “Safe control of non-cooperative vehicles through electromagnetic means (SAVELEC)” project under Grant 285202, funded by the EC Seventh Framework Programme theme FP7- SEC-2011.1.4-2 “Innovative techniques for safe control of non-cooperative vehicles”.