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The project

SAVELEC (Safe control of non cooperative vehicles through electromagnetic means) aims to provide a solution for the external, safe control of a non cooperative vehicle without any consequences on the persons inside the vehicle or other persons and objects nearby. The proposed solution is based on the use of electromagnetic means, electromagnetic pulses (EMP) and high power microwaves (HPM), in order to disrupt the proper behaviour of the electronic components inside the vehicle, which will lead it to slow down and stop. Read More


Research Progress beyond the State of the Art.
Since environmental effects affect electronic products, especially the onboard electronics of vehicles from the 20th century, the regulatory authorities and manufacturers of every economic region have been doing a lot of research resulting in several standards and directives focusing on enforcing the behavior of vehicles faced with several environments.
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SAVELEC Work Plan.

Operationally, the project will be articulated through eight work packages which cover the requirements’ capture phase until the implementation and demonstration of a breadboard prototype regarding the technology under evaluation.
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SAVELEC Results.

Operationally, the project's results will be produced through coordinated activities across the eight work packages described in the SAVELEC Work Plan.Read More